Bavarian beer

Bavaria is famous for its beer. There is lager, dark beer, Weizenbier (wheat beer) that comes as light and dark beer and of course the fresh and sparkling Kristallweizen. The name Weißbier (white beer) comes from wheat – so white beer can still be dark. The colour depends on the kind of malt that is used in the brewing process. Dark Bavarian beers are often stronger and smoother than light beers.

Brewery licences were restricted in the past. Monks therefore often brewed their own beers in Bavarian cloisters and many popular brands have their origins in these cloisters. The monks often produced strong beers because they weren’t allowed to eat during the Lenten season, so they resorted to more substantial beers.

The Bavarian brewing tradition is older than Pilsen’s – Pilsner beer often has a slightly bitter hop taste and can therefore easily be distinguished from the smoother and softer Bavarian beer.


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