Maximilian Buffets

Der Austausch einzelner Speisen innerhalb eines Büffets bzw. eventuelle Abänderungen machen eine neue Kalkulation notwendig. So bedeutet z.B. das Weglassen eines Gerichtes bei einem Büffet nicht notwendigerweise einen geringeren Preis.


Buffet "Preußen Schmankerl"

Potatoe soup „Berlin style“


cheese and cold cuts

slices of cold smoked roast pork with homemade remoulade

various kinds of pickled herrings

lard and gherkins

fresh baked bread and rolls


Boneless boiled knuckle of pork with Sauerkraut and pea purée

boiled breast of beef with horseradish sauce, beetroot salad

calves`liver Berlin style (with apples)

chicken fricassee cooked with asparagus and fresh mushrooms

meatballs with creamed carrots

berlin grilled sausage with curry and ketchup

mashed potatoes with roasted onions, boiled potatoes, rice, warm potatoe salad


Berlin mousse

Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce

jam filled doughnut


Buffet "Maximilians"

Tyrolean potato soup


selection of cold cuts and roasts, ham specialities and cheese from the alps

fresh radish and bavarian“Obazda“

spiced, smoked pork sausage salad

lard, gherkin and cabbage salad

salad buffet fresh from the market

homemade bread and fresh pretzel


Original munich“Weißwurst“ – Bavarian sausage from veal

Freshly baked roast pork with crisped outside

fresh grilled chicken

slices of munich meatloaf

bread dumplings, warm potato-gherkin-salad

Spätzle(swabish noodles) with v vegetable baked over with cheese


Bavarian Creme

Tyrolean apple strudel with vanilla sauce


Buffet "König Ludwig"

cold cuts with smoked sausages, tyrolean ham, homemade cheese cream, soft cream cheese with herbs, radish, gherkins, pretzel and homebaked bread


Carpaccio of bread dumplings

rocket salad with cherry tomatoes, rosted pine nuts and parmesan

green salad with baked pieces of bavarian sausage


roast of suckling pig

knuckle of veal

crispy leg of duck

bread dumplings, red cabbage, boiled potatoes

creamed slices of venison refinded with sherry

grilled pike-perch fillet on cucumber vegetable

bavarian noodles baked over with cheese


small chocolate cake

apricot-curd dumplings

dark and white mousse

emperor´s pancake with plum dessert



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 daily open from 11 am to 12 pm.

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