Bavarian Specialities

We have traditional meat loaf, lamb hocks, cheese spaetzle and other Bavarian food that is renowned throughout the world. Everything is hand made and fresh. Try the Bavarian cuisine and live life in clover.

Maximilians dish for 2

Roasted pork, grilled knuckle of pork, various sausages with sauerkraut,
red cabbage, bread dumplings and mashed potatoes

45,60 €

Grilled knuckle of pork

with bread dumpling and sauerkraut

16,90 €

Grilled Bavarian meat loaf

with potato salad and two fried eggs

12,30 €

Oven-fresh roast pork

with bread dumpling and a cabbage salad

14,50 €

“Allgäuer Kasspatzn”

Bavarian noodles topped with gratinated cheese and onions
with marinated corn salad

13,40 €

“Wiener Schnitzel”

breaded escalope of veal with Bavarian potato salad

21,90 €

Munich “Beer-Coachman”

pork loin steak, topped with fine ham,
tomato and cheese served with fried potatoes and mixed salad

16,90 €

Bavarian Beef

Beef goulash

served with red cabbage and original Swabian noodles

16,90 €

Bavarian roasted fattened ox

served with red cabbage and potato dumpling

18,90 €

Grilled rump steak from beef

with stewed onions and fried potatoes

23,90 €


3 kinds of Bavarian sausages

with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and Tyrolean cheese

15,90 €

Original large Munich bratwurst (fried sausage)

with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

11,90 €

2 boiled veal sausages

with a fresh pretzel

7,40 €

Grilled Berlin sausage

with curry and ketchup and French fries – original!

9,90 €

Good Paulaner beer for lunch

Since 1634 monks from the Paulaner Order have been brewing their own beer at the cloister, Neudeck. The strong Salvator hasn’t changed since the 18th century and represents the original cloister beer of the fraternity. You can taste it in Berlin as well as in Munich. Maximilians restaurant serves it throughout the year. In Bavaria the dark beer and the light Munich Paulaner are most popular. They were only introduced at the end of the 19th century but they follow the tradition of the older grades: smooth, spicy and yet light are the beers you can enjoy at Maximilian’s. Other grades like the Oktoberfest beer or other seasonal specialities of the brewery can be ordered, too. Just come in and ask – it's worth it!


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