All specialities at a glance

Salad and Appetisers

Be it as an appetiser or a main course – our salads and starters are always freshly made.

Our Salads

Market fresh gardeners salad with house dressing

4,80 €

„Chef salad“

a plate of marked fresh salads, roasted walnuts, and house dressing

9,80 €

+ and roasted chicken breast

4,30 €


+ with marinated salmon

5,10 €

Alternatives and starters

Bavarian starters

3 kinds of spread with fresh pretzel and bread

7,50 €

Grilled mixed bavarian sausages

with fresh salads and homemade bread

9,90 €

Soups and snacks

The traditional Bavarian “Brotzeit” can be traced back to a snack the yeomen had when they worked hard on the fields. Fresh bread, delicious pretzels, sausages, cheese, and a homemade soup are basic elements of the “Brotzeit”. Enjoy it with a cool beer, a light wine or a fruit juice and find out that the diet of old still makes you feel good and healthy. A “Brotzeit” is not only food, it’s a piece of Bavarian culture – enjoy it, whenever you want at our restaurant in Berlin’s city centre.

Steaming cauldron soup

Liver dumpling soup

with fresh chives

5,50 €

Bavarian potato soup

5,30 €

Home-made goulash soup

6,20 €

"Brotzeit" - Cold Dishes

Munich sausage salad

with cheese, farmer bread and butter

9,50 €

Cold cuts

with smoked sausages, ham and tyrolean cheese, farmer bread

13,90 €

Our special „Obazda“

home-made bavarian cheese cream with farmer bread

8,80 €

Fresh pretzel

1,40 €

Bavarian Specialities

We have traditional meat loaf, lamb hocks, cheese spaetzle and other Bavarian food that is renowned throughout the world. Everything is hand made and fresh. Try the Bavarian cuisine and live life in clover.

Bavarian Specialities

Grilled knuckle of pork

with bread dumplings and Sauerkraut

15,90 €

Oven fresh Bavarian meat loaf

with Bavarian potatoe salad and fried egg

10,60 €

Oven fresh roast pork

with bread dumpling and a cabbage salad

14,50 €

Beef goulash

served with original bread dumpling

15,50 €

Bavarian roasted fattened ox

served with red cabbage and potato dumplings

16,80 €

Maximiliansplate for 2 Persons

Roasted pork, grilled knuckle of pork, various pork sausages with sauerkraut, bread dumplings and mashed potatoes

42,80 €

Berlin Specialities

Regional specialities from Berlin and Brandenburg as a tasty Supplementation to our bavarian delicacies.

Berlin Specialities

Big fried Berlin sausage

with curry and ketchup and french fries - Original Berlin!

9,80 €

Boiled knuckle of pork

with boiled potatoes, Sauerkraut and pea puree

14,90 €

Roast, Steak and Sausages

We know a lot about meat: be it the roast, the hock or tasty sausages. Our onion roast beef and gravy is one of the highlights you shouldn’t miss. Fine roast beef traditionally made with onions and served with roast potatoes is a real feast you can enjoy every day at our restaurant. Our other dinners are exceptional, too. Try our dray-man’s steak or our traditional meatpan. And if you feel like feasting, go for the fried beef with onions and gravy.


2 veal sausages

with a fresh pretzel

6,50 €

Munich Bratwurst

Fried sausage with Sauerkraut and mashed potaoes

10,80 €

Bavarian sausage parade

veal- and pork sausages, served with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

14,80 €


„Wiener Schnitzel“ breaded escalope of veal

with bavarian potatoe salad

19,80 €

Rump steak from beef

with stewed onions and french fries

21,80 €

Munich „Beer-Coachman Steak“

pork loin steak with fine ham, tomato, baked over with cheese and served with fried potatoes and mixed salad

15,80 €

Fish, Chicken & Vegetarian Food

Fish his not necessarily a Bavarian speciality – but of course we at Maximilian’s use only the best ingredients and prepare tasty dishes with fish. The same goes for our vegetarian dishes as well.

Fish - fresh from the sea

Grilled pike perch filets

with lemon sauce, almond broccoli and boiled potatoes

16,80 €


Parts of spring chicken

with marinated corn salad, potato salad, pumpkin seed oil and chives

12,90 €

Roasted Chicken breast

served with fresh salad and baked potatoe with homemade curds with herbs

14,60 €

Vegan and vegetarian

Vegan - Potato soup

5,30 €

Vegan - Assorted vegetable

with Grenville potatoes

11,70 €

Vegan - Kale patty

with tomato relish and green salad

11,50 €

Bread dumplings and creamed mushrooms

baked over with cheese

11,20 €

Allgäuer Kasspatzn

bavarian noodles with cheese, roasted onions and marinated corn salad

12,80 €


At our restaurant we serve various sweet and traditional desserts like Apfelkuchen (apple pie) and Kaiserschmarren (sugared pancake with raisins). Not an easy choice to make with all the tempting delicious desserts.

Desserts and sweet afters

Bayerisch Creme

with wild berries

6,20 €

Tyrolean apple strudel

with homemade vanilla ice cream

6,80 €

Nougat dumpling and 2 small pancakes filled with apricot

on vanilla foam

6,80 €


caramelized pancake with raisins and cooked plums

8,20 €

We will prepare the cuted pancake freshly for you. Thank you for your patience.


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